Which eyelash conditioner to choose? Editors test the best eyelash conditioners

Which eyelash conditioner to choose?

Do you want thick, strong, long lashes without the need for a beautician's treatment or tufts of glue? Would you like to visibly improve the condition of your hair? Are your lashes damaged and in need of special support? Choose a good eyelash conditioner and give yourself an unearthly look in just 4 weeks!

Just which product will be best? Our editors have created a ranking to help you decide - this is a list of the best eyelash conditioners for hair growth and thickening. Curious about the results? Read on!

Mission: to find the best eyelash conditioner

After several weeks of searching and testing... we have a winner! But before you know the best eyelash conditioner, here are the final five (random order):

  • Nutridome: eyelash conditioner with thickening, lengthening and strengthening action;
  • Long4Lashes: a serum to accelerate eyelash growth;
  • Eleverlash: eyelash conditioner;
  • RevitaLash: Eyelash Conditioner Advanced;
  • Regenerum: regenerative eyelash serum.

These are products from different price ranges (from a few dozen to even a few hundred PLN). But does the most expensive mean the best? You will soon find out...

Why the choice of exactly such preparations? The editors took several factors into account. These are nutritional supplements that are, first and foremost, highly rated in online shops and price comparison sites (rating from 4.5 upwards). They also have many positive reviews and often appear in recommendations on forums and FB groups. In addition, they can be purchased online (and often in-store) without too many problems.

This made it possible to choose the best eyelash conditioner. The feedback on this product speaks for itself:

"Absolute number one on the market according to our ranking. An eyelash conditioner with phenomenal results - after just a few days you can see an improvement in the condition of your eyelashes and the first effects of growth ."

Which eyelash conditioner is best? Tests and editorial opinions

Which eyelash conditioner is best?

We involved quite a large number of female testers to carry out this ranking. This made the results as authoritative as possible. Each of the five conditioners was independently tested by five other girls. Why did we decide to carry out the tests in this way?

This eliminated the risk that the effects noticed were linked to the use of a previous product. We wanted the product to be used by people who had not been using any other conditioner for the previous few months.

The tests lasted five weeks. Each formulation was used according to the instructions from the manufacturer. After this time, the testers shared their opinions. They rated the conditioners in seven categories:

  • length of eyelashes;
  • price;
  • thickening the lashes;
  • increase in eyelash volume;
  • time to achieve results;
  • no irritation;
  • ease of application.

A conditioner could score a maximum of 10 points in each category (sensational). In addition to these fixed criteria, factors such as:

  • performance - how long does one pack last;
  • composition - content of natural substances;
  • odour or lack thereof;
  • the results of ophthalmological and dermatological tests before the cream was authorised for sale.

This holistic approach meant that each product was assessed lengthwise and crosswise: taking into account not only efficacy, but also value for money and safety of use (which is particularly important for products to be used around the eyes). The results surprised us...

Here's the best eyelash conditioner: results

The best eyelash conditioner

Which eyelash conditioner is best? Our editors have checked it thoroughly! It turned out that the best ey elash conditioner combines high effectiveness (first effects visible in a few days) with a relatively low price (a few dozen zlotys) and high safety (required tests and no irritation).

Number 1 in the ranking has 9.9 points in the "length of eyelashes" category and at the same time... 10 points in the "price" category! It is rare to find such an effective product, which does not cost several hundred zloty at all.

Opt for a product that safely, effectively and quickly improves the appearance of your hair. Take care of your look!


Author: Emily Smith - Which eyelash conditioner to choose? | Consumer-reports.ie

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